CPU usage Reports

CPU capacity is a critical resource, the utilization of which is a useful performance metric for any computer system. ControlUp Reporter includes the following reports which allow for investigating the patterns of CPU usage in your network:

CPU Usage by Folder

The “CPU Usage by Folder” report includes a graph of CPU usage for a selected folder, over a selected period of time. In ControlUp, folders allow for organizing computers of similar types, such as Remote Desktop servers belonging to an application delivery farm. The resulting curve shows an aggregated view of CPU usage values, in which performance bottlenecks and overloads can be identified. Here’s a sample output of the “CPU Usage by Folder” report:

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CPU Usage by Computer

The “CPU Usage by Computer” report provides a graph of CPU Usage on all selected computers, over the selected time period. This graph allows for identification of CPU bottlenecks and load peaks, as well as unequal load distribution which is especially useful in uniform silos. In the following example, three servers were selected to show their CPU usage:

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