Stress level Reports

In ControlUp, Stress Level is a customizable health measure that can be configured to reflect the state of any performance metric reported to the console. Each performance metric (e.g. CPU usage) includes thresholds, crossing which will trigger an increase in the Stress Level value. Other performance metrics may contribute their own share to the Stress Value. The total sum of all these contributions constitutes the Stress Level value, which is displayed for each ControlUp record – folder, computer, session, process, executable or account. The following reports are available that provide a graphical display of the state of Stress Level values:

Stress Level by Folder

The “Stress Level by Folder” report includes a graph of Stress Level for a selected folder, over a selected period of time. In ControlUp, folders allow for organizing computers of similar types, such as Remote Desktop servers belonging to an application delivery farm. The resulting curve shows an aggregated view of Stress Level values, in which common events can be identified, such as login storms, activity peaks and other work patterns. Here’s a sample output of the “Stress Level by Folder” report:

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Stress Level by Computer

This report provides a graph representing the distribution on Stress Level values for selected computers, over a selected period of time. The resulting curve allows for identifying irregularities, performance bottlenecks and unequal load distribution among different machines. Here’s an example of the “Stress Level by Computer” report, showing a momentary peak during which one of the servers spiked to Critical Stress Level:

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