User Sessions Reports

In multi-user environments, such as a Remote Desktop Services farm, a Citrix XenApp farm or a VDI deployment, the number of connected users is a critical metric, which provides an immediate insight into the current state of affairs in the company’s systems. ControlUp Reporter provides two types of reports which provide this type of information.

User Sessions by Folder

The “User Sessions by Folder” report includes a graph of the total number of user sessions established on all computers in a selected folder, over a selected period of time. In ControlUp, folders allow for organizing computers of similar types, such as Remote Desktop servers belonging to an application delivery farm. The resulting curve shows an aggregated view of user activity, in which common events can be identified, such as login storms, activity peaks and other work patterns. Here’s a sample output of the “User Sessions by Folder” report:

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User Sessions by Computer

The “User Sessions by Computer” report provides a graph of the number of user sessions established on all selected computers, over the selected time period. This graph allows for identification of user load distribution between computers, which is especially useful for uniform server silos, each of the servers in which is designed to host an equal share of user sessions. In the following example, three servers were selected to show this graph to verify equal distribution of user sessions.

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